Skalv is our Seventh game project at The Game Assembly. It is a Doom inspired Fps and was a lot of fun to work at. For this game I made the enemy concepts and models as well as the player hands.

Joakim Fridlund animated everything in Skalv and in our previous game Ulv. Check out his website:


Ulv is my sixth game at The Game Assembly. This game was a big turning point for me in terms of getting comfortable working in 3d. For this game made all the character models their texturs and the shields. I made concepts and our mockup and also wrote the games story together with Niklas Hansson.

Cloud Racers

Cloud Racers is my Fifth game and the first 3d game I have done. I also consider it the ugliest game ive worked and looking at it still fills me with dread. I still desided to put it up here because it is also the game project I learnd the most from.


Tim is my fourth game project at The Game Assembly. It is the final 2d project and probably the most silly and fun game I have ever worked on. I did the concepts for our player character, tiling stonewall textures andall the different wands for the inventory. I also made the group and game logo.

Kirby's Inferno

Kirby's Inferno is my 3d game project at The Game Assembly. It is a 2d platformer set in Purgatory. You play as the ghost of a butler called Mr Kirby and a little girl. They have to help eachother to find their way out and recover Mr Kirby's lost memories.

I made a lot of tiles for this game mainly for level one and two, I also painted the Menu screen. I also  wrote a lot the dialog based story together with Fredrik Sjö och Björn Stenlund.



Vaexar is my second game project at The Game Assembly. For this game I designed all space ships made the UI and the menus and also painted the Boss Portraits.